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Rapid Learning Behavior in Felines

It’s amazing how quickly our cat learns new behaviors.  He’s quite sick so we’ve been more accommodating than we’d normally be, but we have to be very careful what we choose to do: because he will come to expect and demand it.

Exhibit A: Drinking From the Bathroom Faucet.

This was never a cat activity before, but he’s been severely dehydrated at the vet’s several months in a row, so we figured that might help encourage him to drink more.

Now he camps . . .

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New Beginnings

Ever since I quit my job at Amazon, I’ve wanted to work for myself rather than going back into the corporate world.

First I satisfied that by building a game strategy website,  That was fun, but wasn’t really a way to earn money, as it took too many hours to create the content.

Next I switched to contract work, and created a successful self-employed consulting business.  The money was great and the work was varied (and from home!) but it was still . . .

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How portable am I?

I’m headed on a cruise to Alaska next week and it’s made me think about just how portable I really am.

I’m currently watching the TV on my laptop’s hard drive (ripped there from legally-bought DVD’s) streamed over AirVideo to my iPad.  That same ipad can be a second monitor for my laptop if I’m on a forgiving wireless network.  My husband said we should bring some DVD’s — in response I handed him my portable USB hard drive and told him . . .

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I cooked

To most people this is not an occasion that warrants a blog post.

But in my time living with my husband, I’ve made him breakfast once or twice, lunch once, pancakes once, and grilled cheese a few times.  Other than that, we either make our own (e.g. salads for lunch) or he cooks.

However tonight I cooked!  I made a lentil soup based on a recipe from my good friend Anna Hess, that she gave me many years ago along with other recipes . . .

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Today is our second wedding anniversary, and I have learned a few things:

(1) Always get married on a memorable date, even if it means you drag your family out for a Wednesday afternoon wedding.  It means I, who chronically forget absolutely every birthday including my own, finally have a day I can remember.

(2) The weird thing about being married is you feel like you’ve been married forever, and yet it’s only been X years.  And then you realize, man, it’s been . . .

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Knee is finally healed

Unfortunately due to a continuing failure to get my cell phone to take pictures, I have no pictures for this post.  Maybe next time!

Finally, after almost five months of knee pain following a weird injury I’ve been able to be back on my feet fully (a flight down to CA to visit a client resulted in 5 months of recovery, due apparently to how I had to sit in the seat, being in the back row of the airplane, with two . . .

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An Ode to Forums Long Past


Or, soon to be long-past!

As this chapter of the wow forums comes to an end, with the launching of the new forums and Cataclysm, I would first like to thank all the trolls who still have failed to teach me that they cannot be taught — I remain ever optimistic. I would also like to thank the CM’s, whose sometimes funny and sometimes ignorant posts both provided for many hours of enjoyment. But mostly I’d like to thank those . . .

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Twin cities, twin states


There’s something exhausting about traveling, especially when you’re meeting all your husband’s college buddies at the same time. Unsurprisingly, just like with my college friends, his look like they did in college except greyer.

We spent several days down in Madison, Wisconsin. I’d never been there before and was surprised at how nice the campus was. I’d been told “college in the middle of a city” and pictured Drexel University, but it was actually very nice: lots of trees, . . .

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It Came From The Closet


I’m downstairs in our guest room working, minding my own business, when I hear what sounds like a licking or chewing coming from the closet next to me.  The closet has a pair of sliding doors anchored only at the top so they swing freely.

“That’s odd,” I think.

I turn off my movie to listen more carefully and triangulate the sound and, indeed, it’s some weird organic sound coming from the closet.

Luckily I got married, so I have a bee-banisher/mouse-musterer/rodent-ridder living in . . .

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Fire Mage: Burn Baby Burn


This is going to be a slightly enthusiastic post.

You will not find me very enthusiastic when I hit 85, because fire mage mana management is terrible and the crit suppression means the spec will be far, far less fun to play. But right now? Oh man, best fun I have ever had in WoW.

Tonight I played with what I call the “fun spec”.  I took improved flame strike.  I took fireblast range AND impact.  I even took cauterize.  And . . .

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