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Twin cities, twin states

There’s something exhausting about traveling, especially when you’re meeting all your husband’s college buddies at the same time. Unsurprisingly, just like with my college friends, his look like they did in college except greyer.

We spent several days down in Madison, Wisconsin. I’d never been there before and was surprised at how nice the campus was. I’d been told “college in the middle of a city” and pictured Drexel University, but it was actually very nice: lots of trees, grass, near a lake… I could see how you could be happy there for many years.

I had some nice guides to the local microbrews as well, drinking 2-3 beers a night (which is 2-3 more than I usually have these days) and enjoying some very unique tasty brews, including some very fabulous beers from New Glarus.

Once Madison was done, we headed back into Minnesota for some time with the in-laws. I met my 6-month-old nephew for the first time and saw my now-almost-4 year old niece, and discovered that while one kid around isn’t that bad, two of them at once can be a handful.

The purpose of the trip was my husband’s grandfather’s 90th birthday, which was nice although equally exhausting: so many relatives and family friends.

It’s good to be home.

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