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New Beginnings

Ever since I quit my job at Amazon, I’ve wanted to work for myself rather than going back into the corporate world.

First I satisfied that by building a game strategy website,  That was fun, but wasn’t really a way to earn money, as it took too many hours to create the content.

Next I switched to contract work, and created a successful self-employed consulting business.  The money was great and the work was varied (and from home!) but it was still frustrating to just be building things for other people.

As of this week, however, I’m starting on a new venture (details still under wraps, but I’ll post when we’re live) with three friends who I met via my consulting work.  I’m very excited to be building something for us and to be starting down a road I always wanted to walk but was never sure of what idea I wanted to pursue.

The money I saved while consulting will help us make it through the months where we’re doing the initial development, but we’re all firm believers in “launch something fast, then improve it” and I look forwards to an exciting and busy summer.

2 comments to New Beginnings

  • How exciting! I was just thinking about you yesterday, and unsure of what your work situation was. (Actually, I’ve got a vague plan to come visit once the cool season slows things down here, and I was pondering whether or not to drag Mark along. I figured that if you were working from home every day and Seth was out in the world, I’d leave Mark home, but if Seth was around I might drag Mark. :-) )

    Anyway, I’m thrilled to hear you’re launching something of your own and will look forward to hearing the details! I know exactly what you mean about the stultifying effects of always making things for other people.

  • Daniel R

    I’ll be as vague as the OP: Woot!

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